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The Health Benefits Of Beets

When it comes to being healthy, today's society is all ears. Health concerns have gotten more press in recent years than ever before and not only are people exercising more, but they are doing everything they can to eat healthier and stay healthy.

Something many of these people may not know is that beets, which are root vegetables, are an incredible source of health. Most people don't know this because, let's face it, beets are not normally listed as a favorite food, but that's mostly because people don't realize the good they can do.

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The fact is that one cup of raw beets is a very high source of carbohydrates while still being low in fat. It contains phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium, fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, niacin, folic acid, and biotin. Those are all crucial to have in our body if we want the body to function well!

Let's look at just one important Beets Health Benefit: iron. Iron helps transport oxygen to our cells via the blood stream, it's important for muscle protein, it helps fight cancer, it gives us energy, it improves the body's immunity, and it helps decrease insomnia. If all of that can come from just one vital nutrient in beets, just imagine what can come from the rest!

For pregnant women, the biggest beets health benefit is that they contain high levels of folic acid. Without enough folic acid in a pregnant woman's diet, there is a chance her baby could be born with spina bifida or neural tube defects. Most pregnant women take a folic acid supplement pill, but everyone knows the best way to get nutrients is from the source rather than a pill so if a pregnant woman ate just one beet each day, the health risk toward her baby would be significantly lowered.

There are many ways to get enough beets into your body without having to eat them by the raw cupful. The traditional and much more common way of eating beets is either as a side dish, sliced up in a salad or steamed and smashed up into a soup. There are more adventurous ways of eating them though.

If you roast them and add some goat cheese, they become a delicious appetizer. Pickled beets are fairly popular in certain circles as the tangy vinegar and sweetness compliment the beet's taste. Most shockingly, beets are a secret ingredient in many chocolate cakes! They add sweetness and make the cake moister than anything else! So no matter how you eat them, make sure you include beets into your daily diet to get all the health benefits of this incredible vegetable.

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