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Olive Garden Salad Dressing Recipe

Recreating The Olive Garden Salad Dressing Recipe


A lot of people really love the salad that they have at the Olive Garden restaurants. However, you can only go out to eat so many times each week and it can get very expensive. For this reason a number of different people have come up with their own versions of the Olive Garden salad dressing recipe so that they an have this kind of copy cat salad whenever they want at a fraction of the cost.

The easiest thing to do if you would like to make the Olive Garden salad dressing recipe at home is to do a quick internet search and find a version that you have most or all of the ingredients for. Most of the recipes are pretty similar, though there are slightly different combinations of ingredients and different amounts of each ingredient in different recipes. Some recipes make quite a bit of dressing, so you might want to halve them if this is the case.

Commonly listed Olive Garden salad dressing recipe ingredients include vinegar (either white or red wine), water, oil, corn syrup, pectin, Romano cheese, egg, salt, lemon juice, garlic, parsley, oregano and red pepper flakes. If you keep these items in stock in your kitchen you will be able to make the dressing whenever the mood strikes you since all you need to do is mix the ingredients in the right proportions.

Of course to recreate the salad you get at the Olive Garden, you need more than just the Olive Garden salad dressing recipe. You also need to get the other salad ingredients, such as salad greens, black olives, red onions, Roma tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, croutons and pepperoncini peppers or banana peppers.

Since the Olive Garden tends to be a very popular restaurant and a lot of people like the food, you can also find other recipes similar to those prepared in the restaurant, which means that you could possibly recreate your favorite meals in entirety. Of course this is a lot more work than just going to the restaurant and you won't get the same atmosphere or sense of having a special night out, but it will save you some money.

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